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Red Lights Mean Stop! flyer (10/2021)

(Norwich Pennysaver flyer)
The Sherburne-Earlville Central School District operates 21 daily bus routes, which cover 160 square miles, encompass 2 counties and 10 towns, and border 5 other districts. We also transport students to various BOCES programs in 3 other counties. We run 4 buses for both our 4 p.m. and 5 p.m. late runs to ensure that students will arrive home in a timely manner from their after-school activities. The fleet travels approximately 500,000 miles per year.

The district employs a transportation staff of 25 Bus Drivers, 19 Aides/Monitors, 2 Mechanics, 1 Head Bus Driver, and 1 typist. The drivers are evaluated annually for driving techniques, student management, and safe loading/unloading.

Click on the “Did You Know…” attachment to see all the requirements for school bus drivers to keep their licenses current.

The district completes three mandatory bus-evacuation drills during the school year (the first week of school; between November 1 and December 31; and before April 30).

During the 2018-2019 school year, the district replaced the entire fleet with 30 new 2018 Thomas C-2 65 passenger conventional buses. All buses are equipped with state-of-the-art 7 camera digital video systems. We also have 5 Tahoes, 2 Suburbans, and 2 Grand Caravans.

SECS Bus overview (10/2021)


We are currently looking for Substitute Bus Drivers and Substitute Bus Aides/Monitors. We train potential employees. If you are interested, please call 607-674-7377 with any questions. We can provide you with the answers and information you need. Visit our online Employment page at https://www.secsd.org/Employment.aspx to get started.


Matthew Thompson, Head Bus Driver
Matthew Thompson
 Head Bus Driver

School Bus Routes

School Bus Rules

  1. No eating!
  2. No drinking!
  3. No yelling, swearing, or profanity!
  4. No playing with seat belts!
  5. Feet, arms, head, shoulders MUST REMAIN out of the aisle at all times!
  6. Emergency exits must be free of backpacks and sports equipment!
  7. You must remain seated, facing forward, when bus is in motion!
  8. No kissing or hugging (Physical Display Affection)!
  9. No cell phones or other listening devices while getting on or off bus!
  10. No BULLYING other students!
  11. Don’t leave anything on the bus!
  12. Always follow bus driver instructions!
  13. Always follow monitor instructions! 

Note: Your safety and that of your fellow riders is our first concern. Please honor and respect these rules every time you ride the bus.

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